Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Beep, Boop, Bop.

I probably shouldn't be writing ten minutes out of getting out of bed, because I know I'll look back on this post and realize that the majority of sentences are strung together in a nonsensical blur of "kadhsdflhklfas akdjhfdlf aadhfla", but I really don't care.

Okay. So, a new video game store has opened up in my town, which is pretty amazing, considering that where I live is a dormitory hick town that is growing way too fast for its own good and is smack in the middle between two other towns that have much superior shopping centres.

Overall, I was quite impressed with the place: It has a super friendly atmosphere, really great prices, a seriously amazing selection of vintage games (Wow, I feel old), and an actual gaming room in the back set up for tourneys and game-testing (which I'm seriously happy about. I know only of one other game store let you test games before buying them -- and they closed down about ten years ago)

My only worry is the store's location. It's tucked away behind a new developing plaza, but it's waaay behind everything, and its store sign is pretty small -- but from what I saw the couple times I've been in there, there's a hopeful glimmer for not just this new gaming store -- but for the starving youth of my town.

If you live around Newmarket/Bradford/Barrie and you're looking for a new place to dive into, check out Video Game Universe.