Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Well, I suppose it's time I apologize to this blog for going off and doing my own thing, by bribing its forgiveness with a bouquet of roses, hoping it will forget my abandonment. Yet so, little miss ItDoMD sits there with arms crossed, glowering at me with "the look", while demanding, "What happened to us? I thought I was something special to you, Lavender," followed by, "Is there ... Is there another? Have you been going to Xanga? Don't lie! I KNOW HOW LIVE JOURNAL LOOKS AT YOU IN THE SUPER MARKET!"

Truth be told, I've simply lost track of time. Remember that blog entry I made a while ago about passing time and people having lack of patience and all that jazz? Well yeah, that kind of happened to me -- the passing time thing.

I'm not sure where the last few months went -- let alone the entirety of the whole last year. And already, as 2010 is upon us, I feel it's not even getting better. Already it's the middle of January, and I feel like I went to my Aunt's for New Years dinner just last week -- and to think, I have a college entry exam I need to prepare for at the end of the month!

It seems like Doc Brown is almost outta time.
...I can totally relate. Damn damn. :(

Anyway, I guess I should give you guys a bit of an update on what's been going on in the ol' Life and Times of Lavender ... um ... Wow. I don't have a last name on the Internet.

Joke, prepped, launched, failed, aborted.



Anyway. So yeah, in November I took part in a world-wide literary event-thinger called NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), that takes place ... well ... during the whole of November, with a unified wordcount goal of fifty-thousand words. Gory details cut short, I made my fifty-thousand word goal (actually passed it by about two thousand words). The story has a beginning and and end, but no middle -- so that's something I'm going to have to work on.

What's it about? Uhh ... Basically about this girl in 1897 who dies and goes to Purgatory, and needs to find her way to Heaven, or something to that extent. That's the plot in a sentence.

My alleged "war on the video game industry" has come to a slight halt, as my dad expressed in interest in purchasing a Nintendo Wii, for the sole purpose of getting into shape -- so now my own interest has been tickled, since while at my Aunt's house for New Years, I got a chance to extensively try out the Wii, and near instantly got hooked on Wii Sports Resort (The sword fighting and table-top tennis are amazing, inmynotsohumbleopinion).

Walk in. See this. What do?

Other than that, I picked up a second job listing text books on Amazon, which is pretty great and fun. The lady I work with is a pretty awesome person, and I just pray I am pretty competant with all that I have to do for her.

I also started reading again -- quite heavily. For Christmas I was bestowed a mountain of books (Okay, not quite a mountain, but slightly larger than a mole hill), including The Divine Comedy trilogy, by Dante (which I specifically asked for in regards to the NaNo novel I was working on), as well as the two sequel novels to novelized version of The Ring, written by Japanese Stephen King, Koji Suzuki. I've also been picking off books that I've had in my library (snortgiggle, "library") for a while and never had a chance to get around to, so that feels pretty good.

So yeah, that's basically been about it. I just want to apologize to those of you who come venturing from my youtube channel (all three and a half of you). I'm sorry for the dramatic lack of site content, and I know I keep promising that Cat Hat Review of Vandal Hearts 2, but it's like I said: Time has just escaped me. I am working on it though! Once I get my new video camera (which should be by the end of the month) things should get rolling, and site content should be more consistent.

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